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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

That's One Billion Less People Who See This Blog

Apparently the Chinese government is blocking my blog. Damn commies. You can see if your website is blocked by going to My guess is that all blogger blogs are blocked. Unless they are pissed about that recent post about a Chinese restaurant.

Gong Hey Fat Choi

Happy Year of the Pig.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Lousy Art Puns

Sure, I sometimes make puns, the previous blog entry is an example of that. Everyone does for a quick smirk. But then again I think it's pretty well established that a pun is the lowest form of joke that you can find. This is why when I see puns in fine arts it is particularly irksome. I was checking out galleries in Chelsea and I ran across this art pun. A fictional drug called Havidol. Apparently the art part of this idea is basically a big 2 foot diameter thing that looks like a pill with an H on it. There is even a website to further beat to death the pun. By taking this fictional drug you can "have-it-all". Oh yuk yuk yuk. What a card! Oh, you're killing me. I'm sure there is more to this art piece than that. Probably some statement about how drugs are becoming part of culture to fix every possible problem etc. Not a particularly original thought either but yeah whatever. Anyway it's the pun that gets me bent out of shape. When art gets reduced to a string of puns it's time to revolutionize art. Are people so devoid of ideas that puns are now high art? I was looking through the current (Feb 2007) NYC gallery guide.

Lets see what other pun art is also featured in this month's guide.

"Conch Scious She Sell" (page 24)
Oh, you're killing me again... conch shells as boobs.... she's selling her big boobs ... she's consciously accentuating it .... oh I'm rolling on the floor.

"Dick Head" (page 54)
Oh, it's a painting of a head with plastic penises glued on. Hmmm.... Subtle.

Maybe it's me but I think that a piece of art created by a person with an advanced art degree, specially featured in a gallery guide and costing thousands of dollars might be a little more sophisicated than a stupid pun.

But then again, what do I know about art and creativity?

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Wang Enlargment in Chinatown

Forget about the Old Small Wang, it's time to come see the New Big Wang.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Drawing of the Week (skull profile)

Was looking at the "Structure of Man" blog and drawing lessons and completed lesson 14. This is the drawing from that with a little shading added. I really need to practice this stuff more but I haven't made the time for it.

The Sesame Street Slave Ship Playset

Now your kids can be the captain of their very own slave ship. The ship features an easy access cargo hold and two slaves. Bathtime fun for the whole family.

Friday, February 16, 2007

A Modern Art Masterpiece

I was down in a modern art gallery in Chelsea and thought this was the greatest piece of modern art in the whole gallery ........ oh ..... wait a minute.

Three For One Sale on Exit Signs.

OK, lets do the math.

1 staircase, about 15 feet long
3 exit signs installed about 12 feet in the air in a place that can't really be seen except by crouching down at the bottom of the staircase. (note the difficult photographic angle)
6 emergency lights, approximately 600 watts of power
1 open exit plainly visible
Countless hours of labor to install all the signs.

Found at the 86th street and lexington ave, number 6 train.

John Deere Makes a Video Game

American Farmer".... The Game! A game where you can hire and fire workers, choose which crops you're going to grow and "Purchase and control authentic John Deere branded equipment". I can see the christmas scene now. "Well they didn't have Bonestorm but the man at the store said this game is very popular."

I'm waiting for the expansion pack where you can plant sorghum and spelt.

Found in the bargin bin (obviously) of Game Stop.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Like a Canary in a Coal Mine

Note to all store managers. When the olive oil in your store starts to freeze in the bottles on the store shelves it may be time to turn up the heat a little.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Random Snow Shoveling

What do you do when your job of snow shoveling gets boring? You randomly shovel around the snow back and forth till you get tired and leave. I was watching this for about 10 min.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Elana is a Big Fan of Susan Cagle

Taken in the subway under Grand Central Station. Elana gets down to the music of Susan Cagle

Thursday, February 08, 2007

NYC Subway Logic Puzzle

So, I guess that means that you can buy an unlimited card as long as you can use exact change and no bills, no coins, no credit cards, and no debit cards? Does the machine take checks?

Maybe they can just display "Out Of Order" like other machines on the first screen instead of making me click through two screens to get this logic puzzle.

We reserve the right to be altruistic.

TIAA CREF wants you to know that their motto is "Financial Planning For the Greater Good". Apparently, part of serving the greater good is reserving certain rights for themselves, so they registered it. Altruism comes with certain restrictions.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Drawing of the week (#109: Del Folksy-Beard)

So, I haven't drawn a hobo in a long time. Actually, I haven't drawn anything in a long time so I decided to draw something. As usual I really didn't start out to draw something specific but this guy turned out looking like a hobo so I thumbed through the 700 hoboes at and picked a name that suited him.