Knowing is Half the Prattle.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Instant 80's Band Name and Cover Art

Can't think of a name for your early 80's retro band? Need cover art? Just go to the ticket master website search for tickets and grab the captcha. Instant band name. I think I saw an interview with Erasion on U68 in 1986.

Forget the Nissan Maxima, I Want the Ford Maxima.

In the 1960's everyone wanted to be in the space program. In 1963, Ford came out with their concept car, the Maxima. I guess it's for when you're really late to work. To bad these never went into production but then again the sonic booms on the highway might get a little annoying.

found at and various other sites on the web.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

More Fun With Scanners

My impression of a Warner Brothers cartoon character just after the realization that he just walked off the cliff.

Do you like Macs?

This guy really does.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Fun with Scanners

I was bored today and decided to have some fun with the scanner. There was no paint used in the creation of this picture. The paint is a time stretched image of the paintbrush head. Here's the formula.

1) hold a paintbrush to the glass of a scanner
2) start the scanner and let it roll over your hand.
3) When it gets to the tip of the brush, follow the scannining imager keeping the brush over the light.
4) move the brush from side to side a couple of times to make it look more painterly.

Remember that the image is scanned in reverse of what you'd expect a brush to do.

That's it.

Friday, July 27, 2007

More internet posts that won't die.

Another blast from the internet past. I was searching my old e-mail address and found this post that I posted to on April 2, 1995.

Drummer wanted for moody alternative band in NYC.
Must be able to play 3/4 and 6/8 as well as 4/4.
Must show up!
E-mail me directly at


The "Must show up" part of the ad is the hardest qualification to fill.

I don't remember if anyone responded to the internet post but we ended up going with some guy we already knew. I also remember an awful day of interviewing drummers from an ad we placed in the Village Voice. One drummer "Zebra" was so drugged up that he fell off his stool. Ah.... fun times. We saw Zebra again about a year later when he was playing drums in a band that went on before us at a place called Sun Mountain in the Village. To bad I threw out his business card.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Do Not Call ..... Again

Something I didn't know (or remember). When you register for the "Do Not Call List" (i.e. the list that stops telemarketers from calling you), the registration is not permanent. We've been getting some telemarketer calls recently and I went to double check. They sent me the following e-mail.

Your phone number with the last four digits xxxx was registered in the National Do Not Call Registry on 6/29/2003. Most telemarketers will be required to stop calling you 31 days from your registration date. Your registration will (or did) expire on 6/30/2008.

So my phone number doesn't expire till next year but a good thing to remember.

You can check when your registration is about to expire here.

Apparently the telemarketers calling me are on the exempt list, meaning they can just ignore the Do Not Call List.

Mmm.. plastic shavings.

Do you remember a time when your grandmother baked fresh whole wheat bread with the little bits of brown melted plastic baked right in? No? Pepperidge Farm remembers. Spoke to Pepperidge Farm on the phone, they want me to send them a frozen slice and they're sending me coupons. Right now I'm waiting for "materials" in the mail.