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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Mountain Eeeewwww.

So I just tried the new "Diet Mountain Dew" a couple of days ago. They were giving out the stuff in Times Square and to prove that that it was just as EXTREME as regular Mountain Dew they had a little artificial snow mountain set up in the middle of the street. Snow boarders were having some sort of arbitrarily judged competition. On a scale of Moxie to Thai Iced Tea here's how it rates.

In other words, it rates about a Crystal Light. Not nauseating but not on my on my shopping list either.


Jeremy said...

Personally, I'd put that line for new Diet Dew far lower on your scale. Blech! But did you ever like the original Diet Mountain Dew? Where would you put the line for that? I'd put above Thai Iced Tea. Loved it. But they've ruined it to the point that I started an online petition and protest site. I'm a freak that way.

Evan Rappaport said...

I guess if you're a huge fan of regular Mountain Dew, then I can see putting the diet version even lower on the list. I used to drink Mountain Dew and have purchased it so it definately hits above the price point but then again I tend to lump it into that whole class of sugar water probably sitting right below Inca Kola. Again I'm not the rabid fan, so I can't tell if they changed the formula. Diet supposedly has "Tuned Up Taste" whatever that is. I'll check out the petition.