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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Fiscal Year in Review

Those kids today and their internet are killing magazine publishing. All the publishers are feeling it. So what do you do when you have flagging magazine sales? Well you know that special editions sell well and end of the year wrap up issues also sell well. Why wait for the end of the year for yearly wrap up issue?

How do you explain a "2007 Yearbook" edition in March? OK, lets say that they are giving you a preview of what they think is going to be hot this year. Ummm.... well ... Steve Irwin (the aligator guy on the cover) died in September 2006, so he's not going to be doing much this year.

The only explanation..... fiscal year wrapup! Maybe the bean counters are getting a little to involved in the magazine publishing process.

Oh and by the way, if it's a fiscal year wrap up it should really be "Yearbook 2006".

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