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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Have You Driven Windows Lately?

I like it when companies admit that their reputation sucks. Along the lines of the old "Have You Driven a Ford Lately" commercials, Microsoft has their own version. Basically the Ford commercials boiled down to. Hey we made crappy cars for a while but try us again we're better now. Now Microsoft is doing the same thing with Microsoft Mojave. Basically they set up a controlled experiment where they introduce people to the new Microsoft Mojave operating system. It's not new, it's just Windows Vista in a new package. Then they asked people how they liked the new operating system and reported that everyone loved it. How bad does you reputation have to be, before you run and experiment like this? Oh yeah we know the reputation for our product sucks so we'll prove that it's just a bad reputation and it doesn't really suck. Um... didn't that reputation come from somewhere?

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