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Saturday, December 20, 2008

New Song Advice

I play acoustic guitar for the 6 month olds and it really seems to quiet them down or they start to make happy sounds. Here are the top 5 songs that they respond well to.

  1. Punk Rock Girl - Dead Milkmen

  2. Science Fiction Double Feature - Richard O'Brian

  3. Vibrator Dependent - Mojo Nixon

  4. Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead

  5. The Grand Old Duke of York - folk song

Alot of other songs they listen to but don't really react to, but funny enough they usually get upset when I play "Got You (where I want you)" by the Flys. But that's pretty obvious why because it's only two chords and it bugs me too.

Any suggestions for new songs?

Yes I already tried Freebird. Luke warm reception. The songs should be playable on acoustic guitar, so Chemical Warfare by the Dead Kennedys is out.


:==8) said...

Me & Bobby McGee

Evan Rappaport said...

Ppfffftttt .... Freedom Rock.