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Tuesday, January 10, 2006


So I was looking at guitars on e-bay and stumbled across this guitar auction. Looks like the guy is selling the guitar for about $8. But wait, check the shipping charges. They come out to around $300. They really should be about $100, even from China. Obviously this is the scam right? Looking a little further I found another auction for this other guitar. Notice the item pictures? Same pictures. So the scammer is using the picture of a $15,000 guitar in his bogus auction. OK, so what's the scammer's ebay rating? Actually he has hundreds of supposedly positive responses. Well, the responses aren't really that positive but positive nontheless. So what's the deal? He's just scamming this one time? A friend reported this to ebay security for me. We'll see if this gets delisted. More details later.

So for some unknown reason the scammer's e-bay auction changed mysteriously to one for a Chinese propaganda poster from one the was clearly a guitar auction. The text and the picture were for a guitar. I don't know know what magic he used to change the auction like that. Probably the same magic that he uses to keep his feedback so clean. Never heard anything back from Ebay security.

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