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Friday, July 28, 2006

Wow I'm Rich

Just got an exciting e-mail on my yahoo e-mail account! Apparently I just inherited a fortune. The e-mail starts ...

"We act as solicitors and our services have been retained by Henry Cox, now late here in after referred to as our client. On behalf of late Henry Cox, I write to notify you that my late client made you a beneficiary to the bequest sum of One Million Seven Hundred Thousand British Pounds in the codicil to his will and last testament."

Then it goes on to describe who Henry Cox is, because I get alot of $3 million inheritances from people who I don't know in foreign countries where I have no family, or even ethnic ties sent to me in an e-mail box that I rarely even look at, let alone use. I can't wait till I get my check.

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Anonymous said...

What a coincidence! I have Cox offer me money all the time... of course they usually want something in exchange.