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Sunday, July 30, 2006

New Time Waster

So I found a new game to waste my time and keep me from doing anything remotely productive. Zwok. As you can see I've played 359 games of it already and moved up from 14,000th position to 3342 in a couple of days. This and two dollars gets me on the subway, but it's mind numbing fun. The game is sort of like dodge ball (or multiplayer artillery) with your choice of rolling, exploding, bouncing and other balls. 3 players on a team, all human players. Greatest feat.. being the only player left on my team, being injured against 3 uninjured players and hitting all three players with one brick to knock them all down to nearly fatal injuries. Then proceeding to win the game. OK, again back to reality, this and two dollars gets me on the subway.

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