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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

When You Ask for Allies, You Don't Know Who's Going to Show Up.

I was watching a documentary on you tube called "The God Who Wasn't There". I actually haven't seen the entire thing because it wasn't all posted to youtube (damn copyrights). The film is an argument that Jesus most likely never really existed and the evidence for him is flaky at best. As part of the promotion of the film the producers ask people to post video of themselves on youtube committing the only unforgivable sin in Christianity... denying the existence of the holy spirit. Apparently doing this is a one way ticket to hell with no reprieve. Enter the people posting their videos in support of the movie and in support of Atheism. Here's Rael, the head of the Raelian Church. He and his followers believe that Rael himself met with extraterrestrials who told him that humans are one of the alien's genetic engineering experiments. I don't think the makers of the film anticipated these supporters.

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