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Friday, May 04, 2007

Pocky for Whitey

Just got back from the super market and saw that they are now selling Pocky in regular stores. Apparently for some unknown reason, Glico the Japanese manufacturer can't sell in regular American stores so it took a deal with European cookie maker LU to get it into the local super market. Look it's "New!" I guess it is new for middle America but honestly I've been buying this crap for over 20 years in chinatown. They are only selling the two most boring flavors of Pocky available, milk chocolate and milk chocolate crunch, but I guess it's a start. Call me when they have the Kobe wine, milk and pumpkin flavors. Actually blueberry is the best. Just to prove that Americans still don't understand Pocky when the cashier scanned it the register said it was "alcohol". Um..... yeah.

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