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Monday, July 09, 2007

Do Not Call ..... Again

Something I didn't know (or remember). When you register for the "Do Not Call List" (i.e. the list that stops telemarketers from calling you), the registration is not permanent. We've been getting some telemarketer calls recently and I went to double check. They sent me the following e-mail.

Your phone number with the last four digits xxxx was registered in the National Do Not Call Registry on 6/29/2003. Most telemarketers will be required to stop calling you 31 days from your registration date. Your registration will (or did) expire on 6/30/2008.

So my phone number doesn't expire till next year but a good thing to remember.

You can check when your registration is about to expire here.

Apparently the telemarketers calling me are on the exempt list, meaning they can just ignore the Do Not Call List.

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