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Friday, June 20, 2008

I Need to Get the Sheet Music for This.

Yes if you've ever wanted to play John Cage's orchestral masterpiece 4'33" (4 minutes 33 seconds), now you can buy the sheet music for it online. It's a steal at only $5.95 plus shipping. Click here to order. With comments like .. "Most versatile work in my repetoire" it's a must for any beginning musician.

If you've never heard this master work, then here is a video of the BBC Symphony Orchestra playing it


Peter said...

Too funny. That it says "for tacet" is an understatement, and reminds me of my favorite music joke (where the drummer starts whailing away, thinking the notation said "take it")

Evan Rappaport said...

I was actually pretty disappointed when I saw the sheet music. If I did it I would have written out the whole score, calculated the time as beats per minute and the number of measures, changed keys in the middle, changed time signatures, specified specific instruments, put in codas and crescendos etc. Just all the measures would have rests in them.