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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Present Only a Geek Would Love

Hey kids we didn't get you that Nintendo System. We got you something better; a calculator! Imagine the faces of kids when they got this book. I found this book in the garbage and can't decide whether this book is completely boring or fascinating. I will cut the author some slack since the book was published in 1977, so video games really weren't common yet.

Some games from the book.

"Down For Twenty" - "...force your opponent to make the final subtraction which results in 0"

"Calculator Baseball" - "... each player picks a 3 random 3 digit number and passes the calculator to their opponent. Based on the last 5 digits of the product the at-bat is determined" e.g. "all odd or all even and no repeats - home run"

"Space Race" - "Object: To be the first player whose calculator exceeds the display"

I can't decide whether to keep this book or throw it out.


:==8) said...

Are you kidding? That's a CLASSIC! Can I play next time I come over?

Evan Rappaport said...

OK it's a date, but it's byoc.