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Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh No! They Killed Katz's .... You Bastards!

OK so "they" haven't actually closed down Katz's and turned it into condos yet, but since most other places have shut down that's kind of the problem. Apparently (unknown to me at least) Katz's Deli is now on every tour bus's lunch list. Tourists all trying to get to eat a piece of the "real new york" which in reality, hasn't existed for over 50 years. I was there on Sunday and literally bus load after bus load of people poured into the place in an endless stream. Katz's never was the most organized place to begin with. Little tickets that are unfamiliar to people; get pastrami here, get knish there, get soda some place completely different. To the newbie, the place can be a little confusing. Now with the 800 or so people in there trying to figure out what is a line and which is a group of tourists taking a picture of the table where they shot "When Harry Met Sally" the place is intolerable. The pastrami is still good but I think I'm going to go there when I usually go... at 10:00 at night.

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