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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's a Meal Because We Said So

They were giving these out on the street in Times Square a while ago. They are GNC "One Square Meal" bars. It's yet another attempt to disguise a candy bar as something else. This time it's supposed to be an entire meal. A square meal. Get it? Square .... Meal? Because it's square and it replaces a meal. You know, like a meal that you eat, but it's square. Did they bash that point into your head hard enough? Oh those clever marketers. Does this look like a meal to you? Oh sure if you eat this instead of a meal you'll surely lose weight, but then again if you drink a glass of water instead of eating a meal won't you lose even more weight? OK, I'll stop there your secret to weight loss is safe with me.

Square meal.... oh, you slay me.

1 comment:

Dj pH said...

hm. it's not even particularly square-looking... I stopped by because I wanted to thank you for the laugh. My bullshit detector shall henceforth be described as "neighborhood-waking"