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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Drawing for the 700 Hoboes Project

So if you haven't heard of the 700 Hoboes Project, here's the skinny. Basically some humorous guy named John Hodgman wrote a book called The Areas of My Expertise. Part of this book involves a list of 700 hobo names. I first heard about it through the audio version of the list which also featured my new favorite song writer Jonathan Coulton. Some time ago it was suggested that various artists should go through and put a face to the hobo names. Here is my entry for number 175 "Commodore Sixty-Four". To bad that someone just beat me by posting their own Commodore Sixty-Four a few days earlier but then again they don't frown on duplicate entries. Not my best work but it's pretty good. I'll probably add some more hoboes to the project in the future.

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