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Friday, April 28, 2006

Random Conversation of the Week.

I'm not sure if I should stop going to Fairway in the middle of the night or go every day. I just had a 10 minute conversation that someone started with me. Unfortunately I can't encapsulate the conversation as well as the one about the color of the moon. Basically, I was on line behind some guy at Fairway and he proceeded to start and continue a conversation with me from Fairway all the way to the subway a few blocks away. Note that practically my entire input into the conversation was nodding my head. I have seen this guy on the subway before having conversations with other people. He's hard to miss. Einstein type gray curly thinning hair all over the place and a large lump on his foread just over his left eye. My guess is that he's some sort of professor. He looks the part. Here are some highlights of the conversation.

  • Did you see the guy in here just now? He's one of the best dancers of the American ballet. I spoke to him. He's like a regular guy. I told him he was like Barishnikov but I didn't mean that he was a primadonna. Barishnikov I think is a nice guy too.

  • Have you heard of Anna Nakobief? Maybe I'm not pronouncing her name right. I always mispronounce her name. She's a great singer from Russia. She was discovered while mopping the floor.

  • I make my own art and music but I can't afford to go to see the opera all the time.

  • Do you know composers? I just saw this event where they played the music from films. John Williams was there. Steven Spielberg was there. He (Steven Spielberg) hasn't been feeling well. He just had a kidney operation. Are you a Jew? Steven Spielberg is a good Jew. He said his favorite movie he ever made was "Shindler's List". I saw "Munich" it wasn't very good. How can people hate like that?

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