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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Victorinox Goes Off the Deep End

Hey, I'm a big fan of the Swiss Army Knife but I think they are starting to go crazy in Switzerland. Apparently normal metal tools jammed into a knife aren't cutting it anymore (har dee har har). So first, Victorinox comes out with the Swiss Memory knife. Basically a normal knife with a usb memory stick jammed in it. These usb memory thingies are showing up everywhere and I have no idea why, since the whole point of the internet was to stop people from having to put files on a piece of plastic to carry around in your pocket. That's another rant entirely. So with the success of the ipod and the apparent ease of putting an mp3 player in anything, Victorinox decided to stick one in a knife. I don't think they sell them yet, but they are on the way. I stumbled across this on the Victorinox website, when I was thinking of getting a new knife to replace my old one of almost 30 years. The old one has had 30 years of wear and still works but it could probably use a sharpening and it's likely that getting the thing sharpened will cost more than a new knife. Welcome to the disposable society. Anyway back to my 30 year old knife. I don't imagine that any mp3 player is going to last me for the next 30 years since electronic gadgets seem to go obsolete in just 3 years. Also couple with the fact that putting a knife on your mp3 player basically makes it impossible for you to use your mp3 player on a plane. I think the ipod has every company going nuts trying to cash in on a piece of the digital music gold rush. I thought decent, 100 year old companies like this were immune to fads but I guess I'm wrong, and yes, I think mp3 players are a fad. Very soon an mp3 player/recorder/radio is just going to be another feature in something else that you already have, and stand-alone mp3 players are going to seem pretty silly. How many of you buy a stand-alone fax machine and a printer and a scanner? Doesn't that sound silly? When I'm camping and I reach for my knife, mp3 player isn't on the top of my list of survival tools. Sorry Victorinox, cute idea but dumb.

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