Knowing is Half the Prattle.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I'm just the man in the middle of a complicated plan. - Bee Gees

Every once in a while someone asks me how to do a "man in the middle" attack. Not that I'm an expert on the subject, but people ask me anyway. Actually people don't even realize that they are asking me how to do a "man in the middle attack" they just ask me how hackers can figure out their password if they type it into a web page or how they can snoop on their bosses e-mail. Well here's the software to do it. I've never used it. It's called "Port Peeker", it's free, it runs on windows, go crazy. Before you do, I'll tell you that evesdropping on people's internet traffic is completely boring. The little I've done in my life, I've intercepted people making arrangements for lunch and people surfing CNN. Ho hum. I'd rather surf CNN myself.

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