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Friday, August 10, 2007

700 Knights in Splendiferous Armor

Short list of knight names that I added to the 700 Knights in Splendiferous Armor sub project of the 700 Things Project. I actually added these a while ago but just blogged about it now.

647. Squire Strat(ford) O'Caster
648. The Earl of Ole'
649. Baron Dessert (the Icing Free).
650. Sterling Silver, The Stainless
651. Opus Dei and the Knights (templar)
652. Mutton Bob Iron Pants
653. Sponge Quixote Sancho Pantza
654. Salisbury of Steak
655. The Jack of England
656. Stalin the Red
657. The Lord
658. The Knight of Color (formerly the Black Knight)
659. The Man of La Manga
660. Le Duc De LaCroix (The Duke of Lacrosse)
661. Sir T (who takes pitty on the court fool)

My favorite being ... "Sponge Quixote Sancho Pantza".

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