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Saturday, August 05, 2006

An example of the web part of the World Wide Web

On my blog, I'm putting a link to some guy's blog where he's blogging about me when I commented on someone else's blog. The cycle continues. Link. Unlike most blog entries that comment on comments of other blog entries we are actually in basic agreement and not flaming the crap out of each other.

Just so you can get the whole story, this is the original comment that launched his comment and blog entry.

The gist of the conversation is that music video as an art form is dead. Though I don't completely agree with that I certainly believe that it is no where near as important as it used to be. Music videos just don't generate that same excitement that they used to and may never again. MTV knows this and abandoned showing music videos a long time ago.

I was always a U68 fan anyway instead of MTV. They always showed the "cool" music videos but then again trying to get a UHF channel to tune in is basically a wrestling match with your TV antennas. Yeah I know, people don't have TV antennas anymore.

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