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Friday, September 08, 2006

Hocus Pocus

So whenever I hear this song, I think back to a conversation that I had with an ex girlfriend. The conversation went like this.

Ex. : My sister has a folk band called Folk-us.
Evan: Oh, that's to bad, the name is already taken.
Ex. : Really?
Evan: Yeah, you know, Hocus Pocus by Focus
Ex. : (confused look)
Evan: Jan Akkerman, Thijs Van Leer....
Ex. : (silence)
Evan: Yo dee doh doh doh ee doh doh doh dee doh doh doh dee doh doh doe dee doh doh doh dee doh doh doh dum dum?
Ex. : (walks away)

Though it is a great song, it still isn't my favorite Art Rock Instrumental Song from the 70's. Of course, the title goes to Edgar Winter's Frankenstein.

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