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Sunday, September 10, 2006

You might as well buy a 1960 Ford

I'm watching this old Ford film on The internet Archive. The film introduces the brand new 1960 Ford Falcon (among others) and claims that the Falcon gets 30mpg. OK maybe that sounds impressive in the 1960's but what is the average mpg of cars now? The answer (for 2004) is 22.4 miles per gallon. Here's the chart I used from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. By the chart, you can see that the average mpg of cars (since 1980) has never passed 30 mpg. In fact, in the category of "New Fuel Efficiency Vehicles" the average only hit 30 mpg last year. So a car that seats six adults, is covered in chrome and steel, has no fuel injection, is not very aerodynamic and was designed 40 years ago, is still as good as the present day average fuel efficiency vechicle. At a starting price of $1,912 (in 1960) the smart money is on the Falcon. More details about the Ford Falcon

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