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Friday, September 29, 2006

A quarter with a story.

Here's another one of those simple things that mask a larger story. I got this quarter as change today. The quarter was gold plated and about 1/2 of the gold plating has chipped off. OK, so now what is the story? I'm guessing that there are basically two possiblities.

  1. Someone was practicing how to gold plate.
  2. Someone tried to pass this off as a Sacagawea dollar.
Since the Sacagawea story is more interesting I'm going with that. Pretty lousy plating job but I guess if you're trying to pass off a quarter as as dollar and you have it bundled in a roll of real Sacagewea dollars it might pass un noticed. Really it's a crappy fake. Even if you look at the edge of a dollar and a quarter, you see right away that they're different (quarter = ridges, dollar = smooth). Also it seems like alot of work for $.75 but then again they didn't make just one. What do you say when you're busted for counterfeitting dollars with quarters? "Um, it was a science project and it accidentally got mixed up with the dollar coins."

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