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Friday, September 15, 2006

One small milestone to wasting time.

This is a yet another followup to a previous post. I finally made the leader board of Zwok! Woo Hoo! The screenshot is from the moment that I actually became ranked number 300 (the point when you get on the leader board). The song "Velouria" by the Pixies was playing at the time. This would mark the first time that I've ever been on the leader board of any online game. Though this means absolutely nothing it's a one small victory of life. In about an hour some kid 1/3 my age will probably pass me and knock me off the board but until then I am in the ranks of the elite. Time to go to the bathroom, take a victory crap and go to bed. Maybe I can go do something productive tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I notice some people have really small guys in this game. How do you do that?? It's annoying when you throw bricks at them and it misses because they are so damn small. It sucks. I want a small character like they have instead of my guy who has a huge head.

Evan Rappaport said...

To get the small guys, you keep scrolling through the characters till you get to a small one and pick that one. If I remember correctly, you don't really notice the difference in the size of the characters because from the pictures they all look the same size but I think the last few are the smaller characters. I have a large character myself and the size thing rarely makes a difference you can kill anyone. Maybe 5% of the time I'll miss a shot because the guy is to small. Use the terrain and don't try to hit someone directly. If you use the roller, or bouncer it rarely matters that your opponent is small you can still kill him just as easily. Actually, hitting someone is really not as important as correctly guessing where a player is going to be, so work on learning how people react to different situations and the obvious places that they stand.

Anonymous said...

Hey man, I just saw you in the game! I hope I didn't cause you to become addicted again though, lol. We won a game and then I decided to write you once more. I was RadishEye. Go Grienz! Well played.

Normally I know that being small won't affect your result, but yesterday it really frustrated me as I threw a brick right above a guys head like 3 times in a row. (I like using the brick, that won't change) So it prompted me to search the net for answers.

The only other possible answer I found is that new players are assigned small characters, and once you unlock all the weapons you become full size. I suppose I could test that with a new account, but your answer seems more probable. Either way I'm going to search for the small character because it is an advantage, even if slight.

I also read a nice analysis on another blog about why Blooz has an overall advantage. Cluster always breaks apart 1 shard to the left, and 2 to the right. This gives Blooz more hits over time since they shoot left-to-right, as their first cluster shots hit more often.

Anyway, have fun on Zwok. I know I am. You should try to regain #300 if you lost it. It's only about double the points of when you took the screenshot, lol.

Me - I'm only #2197. :(

Evan Rappaport said...

Yeah, I actually played last night for the first time in a long time. I might start playing again. Hope to see you in there!

I'm sorry to say but the other blog that says that Blooz has an advantage is full of crap and demonstrates that he's not very good.

1) Just look at the overall statistics. 56% of the Zwok Populaion is Blooz. This means one thing. When picking their characters slightly more people people stick with the default choice rather than having to change it to Grienz. Anyway, regardless of that fact, the accuracy numbers for both sides is 28% for Greinz and 29% for Blooz. Therefore in countless thousands of games the odds of hitting Blooz or Grienz are statistically insignificant. In othe words, there is no advantage to either side. Further, if you look at the victories, you notice that players on the Blooz side only win 53% of the victories even though they represent 56% of the population. If anything, you can conclude that Grienz players have some inherent advantage. I think the inherent advantage of Grienz players is simply because that 4% of the people to lazy to switch sides also happens to be the same 4% who are inexperienced and don't play for long. This however is only an unsubstantiated theory. Most of th e real noobs don't even get as far as creating a player and just play as "lazy".

2) Recommending people use the cluster ball is a sure sign of someone who can't play. When I play one of the first things to watch for is who throws a cluster. Those people who do are more often than not, bad players. Why? Because if you're relying on fragments to get hits then you're hoping that by random chance you'll hit someone. It's an act of desperation. The game is more about knowing where you're opponent is going to be and cluster is to unpredictable to get the gaurenteed hits that win games. Sure, sometimes you'll luck out and sometimes the luck will be amazing but on the whole you will lose. Firstly you won't hit who you want as often and secondly you'll do less dammage when you do hit. You want to in general kill all your enemies in as few hits as possible. When I play games with good players, the entire game is usually over in 2-3 volleys. You can't generally do that with cluster. You can get a really dammaging hit if it hits the opponent before it explodes but if you're that sure of a hit then you want to use a brick anyway.

Bricks are good and the good players use them often. I use them 38% of the time. The only thing you need to do though is get a good sense of where people are going to be and develop some good marksmanship.

I was thinking of writing a blog entry of how to win at zwok. I might write that soon. There are so many mistakes that I see people make over and over again that basically just makes them cannon fodder.

Right now I'm still ranked #174. You should look at the leader board and try to remember some of the people on there. Knowing who is good will tell you alot about how they are going to play and you always want to kill the best players first. One good player will usually win against a whole team of bad players unless the bad players get lucky or the good player gets killed by friendly fire.